Introduction to the Divination by Tea-Leaves

Practice and Method of Reading The Cup

General Theories in Reading The Cup

Divination by Tea-Leaves as an Amusement and as a More Serious Study

Some hints For Diviners. Remarkable Instances of Prophecy By The Tea-Leaves

Writing in the Tea-Leaves. Some Frequent Symbols

The "NELROS" Cup. Two Example Readings Of Its Signs

A Dictionary of Symbols

Some Combinations Of Symbols and Their Meaning

Some Example Cups With Their Interpretations





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Hammer.—Troublesome little tasks which you are reluctant to undertake.

Hammock.—A mournful ending of something to which you had looked forward with delight.

Ham with Frill.—This denotes a nice invitation, hospitality, pleasure with your friends; also enjoyment followed by dismay; a ham without a frill means increasing fortune and success.

Hand.—A sign of good fellowship, loyalty, and affection; it may also indicate a parting, a meeting or a bargain concluded; other signs around it must be noticed in order to read its special meaning. See also Clenched Hand.

Handbell.—You would much like to startle the world by a wonderful discovery or amazing theory by which your name would be known for all time but you will need every possible good symbol to appear in the cup to give you any assurance of your ambition being gratified.

Handcuffs.—Disgrace, imprisonment, misfortune, and dishonesty; this sign must be read in connection with others around it.

Handglass.—An illusion quickly dispelled is the meaning of this symbol.

Handscreen.—Even small demands sometimes necessitate great effort on the part of those to whom the demand is made.

Hare.—The return of an absent friend after a long absence; if it is running, a journey is indicated; a dead hare foreshows money acquired through industry.

Harebell.—Peace, a placid existence, and faithfulness in love are the meanings of this lovely little flower; with other signs you may expect news of a birth.

Harp.—This is a sign of melancholy and predicts the possibility of a nervous breakdown.

Harrissi Lily.—These graceful flowers predict peace, joy, hope, and a wedding.

Harrow.—This shows that much of your time will be given endeavouring to make the lives of those around you smooth and happy, whilst you cheerfully spend your days in a somewhat monotonous manner.

Harvest.—A shock of corn is a somewhat sad emblem showing that you have sown that of which the reaping will be tears; it is also a warning of illness, especially to the aged.

Hastener for Roasting Meat.—You are reminded that you should endeavour to move with the times, and not cling so tenaciously to ideas and habits which are now obsolete.

Hat.—A symbol of luck, presents, success in new work or enterprise; sometimes it foreshows the arrival of a visitor.

Hawk.—This is an unfortunate symbol, as it denotes circumstances in which people and things seem to be working against you, placing you in awkward and embarrassing predicaments.

Hayrick.—This indicates a desire for mastery and preeminence; it also shows that a doubt will arise as to how best to proceed, but you will find the right way out and will come to a wise decision.

Head.—A large head gives warning of family trouble or of serious illness; a very small head, waning ability or power; several heads, mental distress or derangement.

Hearse.—A sign of bereavement or of sad news of those who are bereaved.

Heart.—A sign of coming happiness through the affections bringing joy into your life, or satisfaction through money, according to other signs near.

Hearts.—See Ace of Hearts.

Heather.—A most fortunate sign of gratified wishes and of coming good luck; to lovers it is an assurance of much happiness.

Hedge.—This shows that through energy and perseverance you will surmount obstacles and carry all before you.

Hedgehog.—You will be immensely surprised by hearing that someone whom you had always thought of as a confirmed bachelor is about to be married.

Hemlock.—The shadows of your past life have an inconvenient habit of appearing at the most awkward moments.

Hens.—Comfort and domestic felicity; a hen roosting shows domestic annoyance and money worries.

Highlander.—This is a sign of sound business capacity and a plodding contriver in transactions.

Hive.—See Beehive.

Hockey-Stick.—A keenness for games and success in the playing of them.

Hoe.—This means that you will often have more to do than you can well accomplish; each day things will occur needing your attention and increasing your work, but in spite of it you will have good health and cheerfulness.

Holly.—This indicates that something of importance may be expected to occur in the winter; unless gloomy signs appear in the cup, it may be assumed that the event will be a happy one.

Hollyhock.—You will have a friend, or lover, who will never disappoint you.

Honeycomb.—Prosperous undertakings, honour and renown, and much which is delightful are foreshown by this symbol.

Hoop.—You will find immense satisfaction in doing things that require energy even if they are of little importance.

Horns.—You have a powerful enemy, or at least someone who has feelings of animosity towards you, which may prove to be unpleasant in their result.

Horse.—Comforts, loyal friends, and pleasure; galloping horses mean that events are hurrying towards you over which you have no control, bringing many changes into your life. See also Carriage and Horses.

Horse-Collar.—To those who own horses, or do business with them, this sign is a pleasant indication of success in some transaction; to others it would imply toil and a strenuous effort to keep things going.

Horseman.—See Mounted Horseman.

Horseshoe.—An unexpected piece of good fortune, the achievement of your wish, and good luck in all you undertake; a double horseshoe hastens the arrival of your desires; a horseshoe reversed means an upset of plans causing much disappointment and vexation; a broken one denotes a dilemma, trials, or discomforts.

Hot-Water Bottle.—You will always find compensation in all trials and discomforts.

Hot-Water Can.—Indisposition, irritability, annoyances.

Hourglass.—A warning against delay in arrangements or thought-of plans; with other signs, the hourglass is a grave warning of peril through illness or accident.

House.—A successful transaction, a visit, a new home.

Human Figures.—These must be judged with regard to what they appear to be doing.

Hyacinth.—This flower predicts love, joy, and gratified ambition.




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