Introduction to the Divination by Tea-Leaves

Practice and Method of Reading The Cup

General Theories in Reading The Cup

Divination by Tea-Leaves as an Amusement and as a More Serious Study

Some hints For Diviners. Remarkable Instances of Prophecy By The Tea-Leaves

Writing in the Tea-Leaves. Some Frequent Symbols

The "NELROS" Cup. Two Example Readings Of Its Signs

A Dictionary of Symbols

Some Combinations Of Symbols and Their Meaning

Some Example Cups With Their Interpretations





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Table.—This means suggestions and consultation; note the subject from the surrounding signs.

Tambourine.—A symbol of lighthearted gaiety which will follow a time of gloom or worry. See also Child with Tambourine.

Tea Cosy.—To the unmarried, this is a sign that they will probably remain single; to the married, affection and comfort in the small things of life.

Tea-Cup and Saucer.—You may expect to hear something of much interest and pleasure in your "fortune."
Teeth.—These call attention to the fact that probably a visit to the dentist is required.

Telegraph Post.—Hasty news by telephone or telegram.

Telegraph Wires.—You will transact important business by telephone or telegram.

Telephone.—You will be put to considerable inconvenience through forgetfulness.

Telescope.—This predicts the probability of trouble with your eyesight.

Tennis Net.—This shows pleasures and social entertainments.

Tent.—A symbol of travel.

Thimble.—For a girl, this symbol implies that she will probably never marry; to the married, it predicts changes in the household.

Thistle.—This is a pleasant sign of strength, endurance, and affection; it also shows a desire to remove obstacles from the path of those who are in difficulties.

Throne.—An empty throne denotes public misfortune. See also King on Throne.

Thumb.—A large and powerful thumb foretells an opportunity in which you prove yourself superior to those who hitherto somewhat despised you.

Tiger.—You will be placed in a perilous position possibly through the bad behaviour or folly of those who should protect you.

Timber.—Logs of timber are a sign of well-being and prosperity in your affairs.

Tin Tacks.—An agreement about to be satisfactorily concluded.

Toad.—You may expect deceit and the discovery of disagreeable facts; this sign should caution you to be on your guard, for malicious talking causes much discomfort and may separate the best of friends.

Toadstool.—You are warned against making rash and unguarded statements, a bad habit of gossiping and encouraging scandal.

Tom-Tom.—See Native with Tom-Tom.

Tomatoes Growing.—An increase of worldly goods is foreshown by this sign.

Tombstone.—This sign must be judged in accordance with other symbols around it.

Tongs.—A pair of firetongs indicates anxiety and disturbance in the home.

Tongue.—This signifies that unless you amend you will make mischief by your indiscreet and unkind words.

Tooth.—One large tooth is a symbol of bereavement.

Topiary Work.—Trees and hedges cut into the forms of birds, animals, etc., are often to be seen in the tea-leaves; this sign assures you of the fact that those things for which you must wait longest are those which will give most joy.

Torch (Flaming).—This is a hopeful symbol that some unexpected piece of good fortune will come to you; it also indicates the discovery of an undeveloped talent.

Torpedo.—Acts of violence, disaster, or distressing news are the meanings of this symbol.

Tortoise.—This means that you attempt that of which you have no knowledge.

Tower.—This predicts an advantageous opportunity through which you may rise to a good position in life.
Toys.—Pleasure with children.

Train.—Arrivals, removals, a journey.

Tram.—A roadway journey on business or pleasure.

Tram Line.—This is indicated by two thin, straight lines which run near together up the side of the cup.

Trees.—Good health and a pleasing assurance of coming prosperity and happiness; if surrounded by dots an inheritance of property in the country is foreshown! See also Chestnut Tree, Christmas Tree, Elm Tree, Oak Tree, Yew Tree.

Triangle.—A fortunate meeting, good luck; sometimes an unexpected legacy.

Trident.—A hopeful sign of honour and promotion to those in the Navy.

Triumphal Arch.—This is a fortunate omen of your future honour and high position; a decorated arch foretells a wedding.

Trowel.—This gardening implement foretells good weather conditions; seen in the winter, it indicates unusual mildness. See also Bricklayer's Trowel.

Trousers.—A pair of trousers foretells news of misfortune or sorrow for a man.

True Lover's Knot.—This is a happy omen of faithfulness in love, and of enduring friendship.

Trumpet.—This denotes good fortune to a musician; to others, entertainment, large assemblies of people, public speaking, sometimes the setting on foot of new schemes.

Trunk.—Arrivals and departures.

Tub.—You have evil to fear, is the meaning of this sign.

Tulips.—A symbol of radiance, health, and constancy in love and friendship.

Tunnel.—This suggests that you are likely to make a wrong decision in an important matter.

Turkey.—That you are in danger of committing injurious follies is the meaning of this sign.

Turnip.—The discovery of secrets and domestic quarrels are indicated by this sign.

Turnpike.—This implies that the reminiscences which you relate of the past are of more interest than your topics of the present.

Turnstile.—This is a sign that you cleverly evade a disagreeable incident or unpleasant discussion without offending anyone.

Turtle.—This is significant of wealth and luxury.

Twins.—This is a symbol of sympathy and the perfection of happiness; with other signs, news of the birth of twins.




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