Introduction to the Divination by Tea-Leaves

Practice and Method of Reading The Cup

General Theories in Reading The Cup

Divination by Tea-Leaves as an Amusement and as a More Serious Study

Some hints For Diviners. Remarkable Instances of Prophecy By The Tea-Leaves

Writing in the Tea-Leaves. Some Frequent Symbols

The "NELROS" Cup. Two Example Readings Of Its Signs

A Dictionary of Symbols

Some Combinations Of Symbols and Their Meaning

Some Example Cups With Their Interpretations





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Wading Boot.—This is a warning to be cautious in swimming or boating, or you may meet with an accident; with other signs it denotes a home by the sea.

Waggon.—This implies a fortunate outlook and changes for the better.

Walking Stick.—The arrival of a male visitor.

Wall.—A thick, high wall denotes many difficulties in your life, and that much courage will be needed to overcome them.

Wallflower.—This sign indicates the serious consideration of a new plan.

Warming Pan.—This is a sign of comfort in small things and domestic peace.

Wasps.—These insects are significant of distress caused by the sharp tongues of those around you.

Water.—This is usually recognised by a clear space entirely free from tea-leaves at the bottom of the cup.

Water Lily.—This flower proclaims a declaration of love.

Weasel.—This animal shows cunning, and points to the sly behaviour of someone with whom you associate, and of whom you feel no suspicion.

Weathercock.—This is a sign that you feel incapable of making up your mind definitely on any matter without first consulting each one with whom you come in contact, and in the end you settle upon an entirely different course of action.

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