Introduction to the Divination by Tea-Leaves

Practice and Method of Reading The Cup

General Theories in Reading The Cup

Divination by Tea-Leaves as an Amusement and as a More Serious Study

Some hints For Diviners. Remarkable Instances of Prophecy By The Tea-Leaves

Writing in the Tea-Leaves. Some Frequent Symbols

The "NELROS" Cup. Two Example Readings Of Its Signs

A Dictionary of Symbols

Some Combinations Of Symbols and Their Meaning

Some Example Cups With Their Interpretations





Nail, A Pair of Pincers.—A visit to the dentist and the removal of a tooth.
Notice-Board, A Leek, An Open Padlock.—In a surprising manner you will get the information for which you are seeking.
Onions, An Otter.—Those in whom you trusted have betrayed your confidence and divulged a secret.
Owl, A Pail.—Loss of income will necessitate your undertaking distasteful work.
Pagoda, A Palm Tree, Water.—A voyage to a warm climate under very happy conditions.
Pestle and Mortar, A Walking Stick.—Illness and the arrival of the doctor.
Pulpit, Opera Glasses.—Those who weary others by undue curiosity will always remain in ignorance.
Query, A Letter, Initial "B," A Grave Stone.—You will be consulted as to the erecting of a headstone on the grave of a relative or friend.
Quill Pen, Lilies of the Valley, An Organ.—Great happiness through marriage.
Rabbit, An Arrow, A Large Letter "L," A Dagger.—News of severe illness and a probable operation for a child who lives in London.
Rhinoceros, An Overcoat, A Steamer, A Large Letter "I.".—The undertaking of a somewhat hazardous enterprise necessitates a voyage to India; through this much will happen which will eventually lead to your becoming famous.
Rocket, A Pear, A Snowdrop.—News of a birth of which you may expect to hear in February.
Rocking Chair, A Pedestrian, A Mushroom.— Deliberation over important matters brings you to the conclusion that a great venture, which may mean enormous gain, is worth a small risk, and success will await you.
Sailor, A Flying Swallow, A Trident, A Ring.—Happy news of good promotion for a sailor and a proposal of marriage.
Scaffold, Leg of Mutton.—Gambling or speculation will bring you to poverty unless you pay heed to this warning.
Shark, A Pistol, A Flying Seagull.—News from abroad of a tragic death.
Snake, A Ram, A Woman, A Widow's Bonnet.—Overwhelming evidence against some widow who is a dangerous enemy.
Sofa, A Sleigh.—A cold in the head or a chill.
Sword, A Ring, A Man, A Woman, A Toad.—Separation of lovers brought about by slander and malicious talk.
Table, A Quill Pen, A Cat, A Ring with Dots Around.—Legal business over money matters which leads to family quarrels.
Throne, An Ostrich Running, A Flying Seagull, A Flag.—Serious news from abroad of disturbances and rebellion.
Tram Lines, A Building with Dots Around It, A Purse.—You will take a roadway journey to a bank and are warned to beware of pickpockets.
Urn, Hospital Nurse, A Man, A Large Heart.—Serious illness affecting the heart is predicted for a man.
Vegetable Marrow, A Steamer, Native with "Tom-Tom," A Broken Pillar.—Distressing news of misfortune for someone dear to you in India.
Violet, A Water Lily, A Robin, A Crescent Moon, A Ring.—A romantic love affair which ends in a happy marriage taking place in the early spring.
Wading Boot, The Sign of Neptune, Several Penguins, A Mast.—News of a disaster in the North Sea.
Widow's Bonnet, A Pig, A Dotted Circle, The Figures "100."—A small legacy of a hundred pounds may be expected from a widow.
Woodpecker, Trees, A Rose, A Man.—A prospective visit to the country in the summer, when you will meet with someone who will become very dear to you.
Yew Tree, An Open Padlock, A Wallflower, A Pineapple.—A new plan of life is made necessary as the result of an unexpected inheritance of much wealth.




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